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Burberry is a luxury fashion brand whose products never go out of style. This brand is one of the most recognized worldwide, transcending any class and culture. This happens for a very simple reason: their clothes are made with the best quality. In Vintage Clothing you can get Burberry clothing wholesale, among others. We offer branded vintage clothing wholesale and Burberry is one of our reference brands.

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History of Burberry

The Burberry brand was born with the aim of creating clothes that would protect people from the British weather, characterized by constant rain and wind. Thomas Burberry is the one who created this textile company in 1856, giving it his own name. Some 20 years later, Burberry managed to revolutionize the textile world with the invention of gabardine cotton. This fabric is breathable, resistant and, above all, waterproof. In addition, it is very light in comparison to the rainwear worn at the time, which was uncomfortable and heavy. The gabardine is the garment that marks the beginning of the success of this brand. The gabardine cotton is the element from which they begin to develop and innovate within the gabardine. First, the Tielocken coat appeared in 1912, with a belt and buckle closure and a button on the collar. However, its most characteristic coat, the trench coat, appeared during the years of the First World War. This trench coat was created with a more functional design, designed for military use.

Achievements of the Burberry brand

During the following years, Burberry established itself as a quality brand, associated with the elegance and comfort of the English country gentry. In fact, in 1955, Queen Elizabeth II granted Burberry a Royal Warrant as a supplier of waterproof products. Later, in 1990, the Prince of Wales granted Burberry a Royal Warrant as a clothing supplier.

Burberry and celebrities

Another reason for its success and fame is its use by show business people. It is worth mentioning the immortalization of the trench coat by Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca. In addition, Hollywood would be responsible for increasing the fame of this garment by gangster movies where these crooks wore this look. Later, it would be The Beatles who would make the trench coat fashionable, bringing it closer to a younger audience. Today, celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham, or Cara Delevigne have been ambassadors of the Burberry brand. Its development of innovative garments and its royal authorizations have made Burberry a luxury fashion brand. When you wear a Burberry garment you know you are wearing a product of the highest quality.

Burberry products at Vintage Clothing Wholesale

Burberry is still very active nowadays. However, if you are here it is because you are interested in their vintage pieces, garments that can no longer be found on the market. However, there is no reason to worry: at Vintage Clothing we have wholesale vintage Burberry clothing Moreover, at Vintage Clothing we have the possibility to handpick this branded bundle. Take a look at our catalog. We have different garments, to offer you vintage burberry polo shirt bulk, burberry jackets wholesale and vintage burberry scarfs wholesale.