Do you sell clothes to individuals?
No, we only sell clothes to stores and professionals and resellers.

How do I make my first order?
First of all you must register. Once your registration is confirmed you will receive an access code and you can place your orders through My Account.

Are the clothes new or second-hand?
Vintage clothing in general is second-hand, that does not mean that you can ever find an article with label and unused.

The clothes are clean?
The clothes are sanitized and thoroughly checked.

Where does the clothes come from?
All our clothes are imported of America and Europe.

Can I choose the garments in the lots?
The lots are products selected by the staff in charge of the creation of a service by which our customers have a variety of garments classified by categories, trends, styles, looks that make the replenishment of stock a quick and agile task. For this reason, the lots can not be undone because the objective is to give a complete service to the customer and save time in their purchases.

How can I see the prices?
The prices are available on the website for anyone who has a customer account, once you access it with the passwords we send you the prices become visible and you can complete purchases by adding the desired products to the cart. The customer account can be easily requested from the registration menu. Customers who are professionals and customers who are engaged in reselling on marketplaces can choose the profile of professional or reseller and fill in the necessary data in each case, in the form. They can also describe the project so that the staff in charge can evaluate the access.

Other questions about placing customized orders for products that are not available on the web or very specific.
Whenever you do not find a product or a category available on the web you can ask us from the contact channels that are the web form or by whatsapp account, if we have stock. It is also possible to make a custom order if the product does not exist on the web, describing the category and quantity you need. In this mode the team once checked the stock will send all available information such as quantity, category and description of the mix in the case of kilo and possible style in the case of lots, no photos are provided to choose from, the selection is in charge of the staff. Please note that if the request is for a very particular product the price can be calculated per piece. Once the stock has been checked and the customer agrees with the description available, a link will be sent with the order details to proceed with the payment of the order. These orders may take longer to process.

Is there a minimum order?
No, there isn’t a minimun order.

Can I choose size?
No. Sizes are varied in both batches and orders by weight.

Do you ship?
Yes, we work with DHL and when the shipment is made, it will arrive at its destination within 3 days. For more information you can go to Shipping of our Terms and Conditions.

Do you make returns?
No, no returns are made. Visit our purchasing and return policy.

Can I buy even if I am not a professional?
Yes, it is possible by requesting an account as a reseller. You must add in this case the details of how you resell the product being a link to an account on resale platforms or your own website or even a proof of a post in markets the methods that are accepted. It is important that we can prove that the resale of the product is done.

Can you make a hand pick video?
To choose the garments yourself it is available to make an appointment in the Showroom in the menu visit us, there you can buy the lots, garments by the kilo and also the garments that are on display choosing according to your needs.

How much does shipping cost?
When you add the products to the cart you can check and verify the shipping cost before making the payment, it is also possible to edit the shipping address if you are in a different location.

Can I choose items by the kilo?
The products in kilo that are on the web have photos that represent the most common categories and styles found in the mix, these photos are updated if necessary, you can not choose but you can have an idea of the type of garments that you will receive.

How many garments are there per kg of clothes?
The amount of garments per kg depends on the garments themselves, if the garments weigh less like t-shirts or shirts there can be between 4 and 6 pieces per kilo of clothes, in garments like coats the range is between 1.2 and 2 pieces per kilo. In mixed products per kilo the quantity of garments cannot be calculated, in these cases we always recommend orders over 10kg to have a good representation of garments.

Any other questions?
If you have any further questions contact us.