Harley Davidson vintage wholesale

Harley Davidson is one of the most important brands within motorcycle area. Moreover, their garments remind vintage styles what are still present nowadays.

In Vintage Clothing you can get bulk Harley Davidson shirts, among others. We offer branded vintage clothing wholesale and Harley Davidson is one of our reference brands.

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Jackets & Coats

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Jackets & Coats

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History of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson was founded in 1903 by four young men in Milwaukee, whose work attracted attention in different places and generations. Harley Davidson thus became one of the most desired brands in the world in the two-wheeled panorama, but its influence did not stop there.

Harley Davidson did not remain pigeonholed as just another brand. On the contrary, its revolution in the world of motorcycles went further, as it turned this vehicle into a trend, a lifestyle, that would last generation after generation.

Harley Davidson Motorclothes

From its beginnings, Harley Davidson not only focused on manufacturing motorcycles; they also began to design clothing and accessories for riding that improved the rider safety. This is because they added protections to the user’s equipment.

In addition, their urban garments developed a different, special trend, due to the rebellious look they provoked. Between 1912 and 1928 the various garments in its catalogue were added, highlighting its leather jacket: the Horsehide Leather Coat model.

However, it was in the 1970s that its leather jackets became fashionable. Gradually, biker style began to catch on with the general public, with Harley Davidson as the leading brand in this movement.

In the ’90s is when its clothing collection becomes more popular. In this decade we highlight their t-shirts that perfectly matched the grunch style of the time. Of course, his leather jackets also had their place in these years, within the rebellious styles that were trending at the time.

From its beginnings, through its golden ages and up to the present day, its products evoke emotions and experiences that only the Harley Davidson brand can offer.

Harley Davidson Products at Vintage Clothing Wholesale

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