Military fashion is a trend and has countless followers who see these clothings as an informal style that can be combined with any other garment.

Why buy military clothes?

For many years, society has reused this type of garment because of its resistance and its designs, and also why they do not go out of style.

They are fashionable, have personality and some pieces can be considered collectibles for their historical value.

In Smile Vintage we import this material from different eras and places, but especially from the United States.

Historical costumes, camouflage jackets, shirts, pants, backpacks, caps of the US Army (ARMY), the US Navy (NAVY), the Air Force (USAF) and many more articles of different military companies.

Explore this section and choose the parts you like best, we are sure that they will look great on your showcase and your customers will feel overwhelmed when they see your new stock.

Enjoy your purchase!