Ralph Lauren vintage wholesale

Ralph Lauren is one of the most established fashion brands worldwide. While it is at the forefront of current styles, its polo shirts are the most characteristic garments of this brand, and these have been the basis of fashion in previous decades. In Vintage Clothing you can get Ralph Lauren vintage bulk, among others. We offer branded vintage clothing wholesale and Harley Davidson is one of our reference brands.

History of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was founded in the year 1967 and is considered one of the most famous brands in the world. This whole conglomerate started with a small tie store. Ralph Lauren, the creator of this brand that would eventually receive its own name, thus began his career in the fashion industry. From the beginning, Ralph Lauren adapted his creations to the trending styles, giving them his personal touch. Without going any further, the design of his ties is inspired by the Old Hollywood style. A year after the creation of his tie store, Ralph Lauren created his first menswear collection. In 1971 is when he began to introduce women’s clothing into his brand.

The polo shirt

If there is one garment that characterizes Ralph Lauren, it is his polo shirt. This icon of American style was introduced in 1972 and its use has continued until today. With the creation of this garment, Ralph Lauren’s influence on Western fashion began. However, it was at the end of the 20th century that the polo shirt became popular on a large scale. The polo shirt was part of the preppy style that, until then, was exclusive to the upper class of Anglo-Saxon origin in the United States. With the development of this product, that style expanded to other cultures; that is where Ralph Lauren consolidated even more internationally. In other words, Ralph Lauren is the one who has managed to get that look of aristocratic origin to be worn by people of different class and culture. Today, Ralph Lauren is a reference brand that continues to influence the fashion industry worldwide. In addition to the fashion sector, Ralph Lauren also has a line of perfumes, home decor and eyewear and other accessories.

Ralph Lauren products at Vintage Clothing

Ralph Lauren is a brand that is still very active today, and continues to actively influence current fashion and styles. However, if you’re here it’s because you’re interested in their vintage pieces, garments that can no longer be found on the market. However, there’s no reason to worry: at Vintage Clothing we carry vintage Ralph Lauren clothing wholesale. Moreover, at Vintage Clothing we have the possibility to handpick this branded bundle. Take a look at our catalog. We have different bulks to offer you vintage Ralph Lauren polo shirt bulk.