Five vintage literature titles that have to be in your library

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Having a good literary wardrobe is essential to encourage reading among the youngest in the house. Sometimes it is difficult because it is difficult to hit with an argument that engages. However, there are some classic authors with whom you will always be right. Here we propose our five essential vintage titles of youth literature. Adventures from different eras that will take readers to endless magical places.

Vintage book: Famous Five

The Famous Five

It is a series of books written by the British Enid Blyton between 1940 and 1960 and which gave rise to a total of 21 adventures. Our protagonists Julián, Dick and Ana, their cousin Jorgina and Tim the dog live countless fun and magical adventures. They will make us discover a large number of stories that will surely catch the little ones.
The books became so famous that in the 70s they released a series and today they continue to be published in different formats.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

The adventure of Bastian, Atreyu and Fúyur is a delicious classic, a fantastic adventure that will make the little ones delve into its pages and devour this story created by Michael Ende in 1979.
Bastian is a young man who is bullied and takes refuge in books. He decides to steal an edition of The Neverending Story from a neighborhood bookseller. The book has a special drawing on the cover, that of a snake. As he reads it, the story catches him and he lives it in such a way that it makes him become almost the protagonist of the plot.
In his pages he will meet the kingdom of Fantasia and his empress, who is in danger because darkness, in the character of nothing, is taking over everything. The empress has to ask the young Atreyu for help in order to help her. From there, and on the back of their unforgettable and magical Fúyur, Bastian and Atreyu will live a story that will immerse them in unattainable worlds and that will surely make more than one shed a tear.
One of those eternal titles that will always be in fashion, more than forty years later.
This story was also known for its film adaptation and a recent musical that has been made.

The neverending story
Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most mythical and iconic works of classic youth literature. There have been countless adaptations that have been made, both literary and cinematographic and musical, of this classic written by Lewis Carrol in 1865.
Alice is trapped in a magical world in which she will meet a white rabbit, a caterpillar, the hatter, the Cheshire cat or the queen. Some extravagant characters that take us to an illusory world full of adventures that the youngest will enjoy and that many adults, after rereading it, will find new meanings to the arguments embodied by Carrol.
The characterization of the characters and the plot are so well drawn that it has aroused great interest beyond the literary realm. In fact, a large number of studies have been carried out and it has aroused the curiosity of many psychologists who have developed different theories about this story.

El Camino, by Miguel Delibes

In 1950, the Valladolid writer Miguel Delibes wrote El camino, a wonderful story that the little ones in the house will continue to enjoy today.
This work takes us to inland Spain, to a small town in Cantabria, in which El Mochuelo, the protagonist, narrates his summer vacation together with Roque ‘El moñigo’ and Germán ‘El tiñoso’.
Although Owl wants to live his life in the town, his father thinks it is better for him to go to the city to study high school. The night before he has to leave, he will stay awake remembering the adventures he had with his friends, El Moñigo and El Tiñoso, discovering corners and the residents of the town.
A childish and brilliantly drawn look that has marked a milestone in Spanish youth literature. A true ‘must’ that has to be in everyone’s libraries, today and always.

El Camino
Captain Alatriste

Captain Alatriste, by Arturo Pérez Reverte

Although more current than the previous titles, the adventures that Arturo Pérez Reverte traced with Captain Alatriste in 1996 were so successful that it led to a series of seven books narrating the story of our protagonist: Diego Alatriste, a veteran of the Tercios de Flandes who Try to survive as a swordsman.
It is set in a Spain submerged in the 17th century, in the second half of the Golden Age, in which Alatriste lives with characters such as Francisco Quevedo or Lope de Vega.
A story of swords, of honor, of adventures, of those of us who were. The first of the adventures will surely arouse interest in knowing how our character and his cronies survive at that time.
This work can be considered as part of our classical literature. Captain Alatriste is also a great formula for the youngest at home to delve into both the world of literature and the history of Spain.

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