How to remove blood stains from clothes

Blood stains

Nobody likes to remove stains; it is one of the most annoying unexpected things. And this annoyance is something that is accentuated when we talk about difficult stains, such as blood stains.

You might think that all is lost. However, there is a solution for these stains. In this article we will show you several ways to remove blood stains. Let’s get started!


Ammonia is a very interesting remedy for those blood stains on clothes that won’t come out. However, it should not be used on clothes made of wool, linen or silk. If you use ammonia for a delicate garment, it is advisable to test it first on a smaller, less visible area of the garment.

To use, mix one tablespoon of ammonia in half a glass of cold water. This mixture is poured on the stain, leaving it to act for a few minutes. Once the time has elapsed, rinse the garment.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another option to take into account because of its oxidising capacity. If washing a delicate garment, it should be mixed with 50% “normal” water.

After applying the hydrogen peroxide, or the mixture, rub with a cloth, and then apply hydrogen peroxide again. The number of times it is applied varies depending on the stain. Once finished, wash with soap or detergent and cold water.

Water and salt

This solution is ideal for delicate garments where other substances may be too corrosive.

To start with, the stain is rinsed with cold water. Once wet, a mixture of salt and water is poured onto the stain and rubbed in as well. After this process, the garment is rinsed.

How to remove dried blood stains

For any stain, it is best to treat it as soon as it occurs, and blood stains are no exception. However, they cannot always be treated instantly, either because of the circumstances at the time or because we don’t notice the stain until it is too late.

In this case, what can be used is toothpaste. However, not all toothpastes are suitable. We have to use a white toothpaste, so gels or menthol toothpastes are not suitable.

This toothpaste is used by pouring it directly on the blood stain. Wait for the necessary time until it dries, so that it penetrates the stain completely.

Then rinse with cold water, rubbing it in between with neutral soap. Finally, put it in the washing machine and wash it in the usual way, as long as it is in cold water.

If the garment is delicate, we recommend doing a test on a small, inconspicuous area before attempting to remove the stain completely.


We hope we have helped you with this more common problem than we would like it to be. Remember that at Smile Vintage we have a wide range of vintage clothes at your disposal, check out our extensive catalogue and ask for a quote!

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