How to achieve a perfect vintage look

How to achieve a perfect vintage look

Vintage clothing is so much more than your grandfather’s old fedora hat. Without going any further, vintage clothing is so on the rise right now that it’s estimated to surpass current trendy clothing by 2029.

But why is vintage clothing so popular? In this article we will give answers to those questions and try to give you the best tips to get the ideal vintage look. Read on and don’t miss it!

The key question: Why is vintage clothing so popular?

In recent years, we have become aware of the negative effect of the fashion industry on the environment. Half a million tons of micro-plastics are generated from discarded garments and approximately 20% of the world’s wastewater comes from the textile sector.

It is really not sustainable to consume newly produced clothing at this rate as we will not achieve a sustainable future in this way. That is why, among other things, vintage clothing has become such a popular alternative among the population.

How to get the perfect vintage look

Where should we go?

Visiting a store in person is the best way to check the clothes you are going to buy. Another very interesting option is to go to flea markets in nearby towns and cities, where you will surely find good quality antique pieces.

If you have doubts about where to buy your quality vintage clothing, visit the Smile Vintage Show Room, where you will find lots of clothing from many brands and eras. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us, we will make you feel at home!

What types of vintage garments can we wear?

The vintage look stands out for the originality and detail of each garment. All its elements have history and are usually found at very competitive prices. You can find many boutiques that sell second hand items.

We are wholesale distributors of vintage clothing. Many of our customers are boutiques that sell our products to the end consumer. Stores that enjoy a resounding success thanks to collaborate with a leading company in the sector as Smile Vintage.

Below, we review the different types of vintage clothing so you can choose the one that best suits you to get that vintage look you’ve always wanted: 

  • Printed clothing: All kinds of prints are valid here and it is worth noting that these are very common in the vintage style. It is definitely a fundamental element.
  • Vests: Vests are that kind of garments that go amazing with any vintage look. It is a very useful garment, you just have to combine it well or be creative and daring with your combinations.
  • Pearls: Nothing more representative of vintage style than pearls. You can find them in necklaces, bracelets, headbands and even in clothes. Be risky and add a vintage touch to your looks.
  • Glasses: Round lenses are the perfect choice to go with any vintage look. Find them in all colors and even prints.
  • Hat: This is a must-have accessory. Vintage hats are usually velvety and with rounded edges.
  • Scarf: Scarves look amazing in your hair, especially if you are looking for the controversial vintage style. You can also use them as a bracelet, necklace or even in a ponytail.
  • Lace: It has always been a distinctive element of vintage style. Lace is a delicate element that gives the person who wears it a certain air of romanticism and freshness. Vintage outfits always have some lace.
  • Makeup: Of course makeup is an essential part to achieve a good vintage style. The makeup stands out for highlighting the look with black cat-eye eyeliner.
  • Hairstyle: How to forget the hairstyle, it is a fundamental part of the vintage style. Careless waves are the key to the total vintage look. Everything will always depend on the occasion.
  • Shoes: Round toe shoes are the right choice. It all depends on the occasion. In men’s styling, vintage shoes are a very characteristic element.

At Smile Vintage we offer you the best lots of vintage clothing at the best price in the market. Visit our online store and take advantage of great exclusive promotions. If you have any questions, contact us without obligation!

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