How to combine vintage and modern clothing

How to combine vintage and modern clothing

We can use vintage fashion as inspiration or literally use it, because at some point in our lives we have all come across an old garment in a shop or in our home.

If we like it and it suits us, the logical thing to do is to ask ourselves the question “How do I combine it” or “What do I combine it with? In the following article we will give you some basic tips that you can take into account.

Useful tips

A vintage style with touches of today’s fashion is possible, if you learn how to combine vintage pieces with others of a more modern style.

  1. The first thing is to distinguish, that it is not about looking the same as a period, but to give it a different touch, so that it is vintage and not old-fashioned.
  2. The main rule is balance. Use a maximum of two vintage pieces.
  3. If you don’t dare to wear vintage clothes, choose accessories, such as glasses, handbags, scarves, pins, among others.
  4. If you want to wear vintage shoes, keep everything else modern.
  5. Trousers should be high-waisted, they are classic in this style, use them with lace or flowing shirts, inside.
  6. Use hairstyle and make-up as a support to transform yourself, you can do it with a red lipstick very of that time or an elegant chignon.
  7. If you want a more economical and original option than buying new clothes, get inspired and create your own vintage designs, you can shorten dresses, glue lace, change buttons, etc. Don’t forget the rule of balance and avoid looking dressed up, and try to give a vintage touch to your look without going overboard.

Vintage dresses

It often happens that we love vintage dresses, but when it’s time to go out we don’t know how to wear them. As we mentioned before, it is very important to avoid the “period costume” effect, since being dresses with an antique aesthetic we could fall into that mistake. However, by combining them appropriately we can achieve a very modern and personal look. To do this, the 3 basic rules to follow are:

  1. If you are going to wear them during the day, combine them with a shoulder bag and sandals. You will get a fresh and simple look.
  2. If it is a simple dress, combine it with a scarf or necklace to give it a special touch and grace. Also, if you wear a pair of high heels in a bright colour, you’ll be a winner.
  3. Wearing your hair half up in a tousled updo (if you don’t want to look like you’re in costume, don’t do your hair like in the 60s!) and long earrings will add a beautiful touch to your look.

Vintage trousers

For a long time it has been fashionable to wear hip-length trousers, but they make our legs look shorter and don’t really slim the female figure. On the other hand, high-waisted trousers, a classic of vintage clothing, are back to conquer the street. You can combine them in many different ways: with a crop top (ideal for spring-summer), with a flowing shirt inside the trousers, or with a lace shirt to give them a total vintage look.

Vintage shorts

A vintage garment that has become more than fashionable is the shorts at the waist! Despite being a look for when it’s hot, with some tights and ankle boots they can also look great when it’s cold. They are available in one colour, with prints, in different materials, and if we want to differentiate them from non-vintage shorts, we must take into account two basic aspects: they are very short and they fasten at the navel.

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