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Feel the magic of the classics again. We cried inconsolably, we lived the beginning of beautiful friendships, we swore we would never go hungry again, we fell in love with the leading men, we laughed like crazy… We lived a train of experiences from the screen that are part of us. Do you want to live it again? Then grab some popcorn and get ready to get excited because the film has already started.

What is classic cinema?

With the big entrance of Hollywood, the seventh art reached its maximum splendour; the glamour, the spotlights or that mystique of reality wrapped with charm and fantasy, gave way to pieces of great beauty that already by themselves (their aesthetic, technical or ethical values) are considered works of art. 

If we want to be more specific, we can consider as classic cinema the Hollywood cinema productions from 1900 to the 1960s. But which is your favourite?

What are the most outstanding films of classic cinema?

We don’t want to make distinctions because it’s like asking parents which is their favourite child; however, there are undoubtedly headlines that stand out above the rest or come to mind without having to think twice.

These are the films you can’t miss in your selection of classic vintage cinema:

The 7 most outstanding films in classic cinema

  1. Casablanca. The unfinished ending of two lovers who meet again in wartime.
  2. The Wizard of Oz. No doubt we left Kansas with this film; fantasy and imagination came to the cinema as never before.
  3. Gone with the Wind. One of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and winner of 10 Oscars, it’s a magnificent critique of society and a gripping story that will blow you away.
  4. Some Like It Hot. The wonderful Marilyn in a comedy inspired by film noir.
  5. A Night at the Opera. Probably best known for its famous Marx Brothers stateroom scene, this is a film as witty as it is entertaining.
  6. Ben-Hur. Winner of 11 Oscars, not to be missed. Whether you’re a fan of the Biblical theme or not, this film is a work of art in its entirety: the soundtrack, the cast and the aesthetics are just the framework that adorns this blockbuster.
  7. Psycho. Hitchcock’s wonderful and iconic horror film, in which the master manages to tackle a kind of psychological terror that will keep you in tension during the whole film.

We recapture moments… For us it’s impossible to decide which one is our favourite. And you, which one do you choose?

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