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Can you imagine living in your favourite era? To walk around in the clothes of that decade, to use the objects of that time in your daily life and to get by under their limitations; in short, to immerse yourself in the era you always dreamed of, the one you belonged to or always loved.

Well, what if we told you that it is possible to travel back in time in the present day?  Although it may seem impossible and crazy, some people have managed it. And you, do you dare to be part of Smile’s most daring gang?

What does it mean to be a vintage person?

Vintage is born, not made. To be a true vintage person is to let yourself be carried away by the charm of the era and appreciate all that it has to offer. These people define their lifestyle based on the social structure and trends of the era they choose, and it can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very expensive and take years.

What is the difference between hipster and vintage?

Is hipster the same as vintage? The answer is no. A hipster is someone who follows the same trend; they have a preference for alternative or independent. They reject current consumerism and commercial culture, looking for their expressiveness in past fashions, what they understand as original (the best) and hence the vintage part.

Authentic vintage people

In search and capture, we’ve rounded up some of the most authentically brave, who have dared to go slipping through the patina of time – all for your inspiration.

  • Vivienne Westwood

The fashion designer and activist is part of England’s living history. A vindictive and provocative woman, she has had a strong influence on the punk and new wave movements.

  • Armin Heinemann

This gentleman came to Ibiza never to leave the island, nor our hearts. He is part of the hippie colony of Paula’s Ibiza and his charm has transcended to reach brands such as Loewe.

  • Gina Guarnieri

This British lady has lived immersed in the 60s for decades. It’s taken her years to adapt her home and lifestyle; she’s even spent a fortune on vintage transport – her favourite!

  • Dean Turner and Lynda Easton

This quirky couple decided to stay in WWII London, where (or rather when) they feel most comfortable.

  • Sarah and Gabriel

If there are any great lovers of the Victorian era, they’re probably the winners. On their blog thisvictorianlife they tell what life is like from the perspective of the 18th century and even publish short stories.

  • Ludovica Sannazzaro

This lucky Italian influencer lives in a 12th century castle @ludoovikasannazzaro

Do you think it’s crazy to dive into this cool gang or do you dare to go for it?

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