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It’s Time To Dance! Welcome to Smile’s Jukebox, vintage lover! We know you are a purist or simply love to enjoy good music as much as we do. That’s why we want to invite you to move your skeleton with this section, which will take you back to your favourite era with two hip taps. Ready? 1, 2, 3, 4…!

Still don’t know what we sound like? Enjoy this section while listening to our playlist with a selection of the best vintage music. Relive the best music. Click here to play on Spotify.

What is retro or vintage music and why do we love it?

Music has the power to transport us to any time and place, even if we haven’t been; it can change our mood and bring back memories we treasure. The concept of vintage music stems from the current trend of nostalgia for the past, and generally encompasses avant-garde music from the previous century.

There are two main reasons to love the music of yesteryear:

  1. For its great richness and variety.

You may have heard it said that the music of yesteryear was the best. But the truth is that it is. We love that the mix of styles meant that everyone could identify with it. It was also a great innovation with the arrival of electronic music.

  1. Nostalgia.

The second is obvious. Those of us who grew up in this era love it for the great memories we treasure. And for the new generations it means rescuing the icons of their parents; going back to a time when everything was nicer and simpler.

What is the difference between retro and vintage music?

Is retro the same as vintage? Although they look and sound alike, they are not exactly the same. If you are a lover of this style you would probably already know the difference; however, retro style refers to a contemporary style that is inspired by or imitates the trends of the past. Unlike vintage, it is a current style.

What is retro style inspired by and what are the most prominent decades?

Have you ever heard a song that sounds old, like it’s from another decade? Artists working in the retro style are inspired by the characteristics and composition of vintage music and incorporate them into their rhythms.

Nowadays the favourite era that is most often repeated in music style trends is the 80s. The quintessential retro trend favourite, like everyone else, has a strong attraction to debauchery. The metallic sounds, the electronic and arcade mix are reflected in current styles such as retro wave, synth wave, vapor wave, etc.

Who are the most prominent retro artists of today?

We know a lot about the most influential artists that marked our favourite decades; however, did you know that there are also current groups and singers who have transferred these influences to their record? Here we have brought you the 5 most representative ones:

  • Michael Bublé. In his songs, he is clearly inspired by the great Frank Sinatra.
  • His music has that psychedelic tone very characteristic of the 60s.
  • Leon Bridges. Although he was born in the 80s, he grew up with Soul and Gospel influences, and his music is strongly marked by these styles.
  • Diana Krall. Her relaxing music is reminiscent of the purest style of jazz.
  • The Baseballs. They are known for their covers of current songs in rockabilly style. The result are lighthearted pieces with a youthful tone.

If you want to listen to more artists related to retro music and dance, we recommend you visit the YouTube channel, Postmodern Jukebox

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