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We live in an increasingly globalised world in which it is easy to find companies and professionals, from all types of sectors, who sell products outside Spain, specifically in the European Union.

From Smile Vintage, we want to make you aware of how this situation can affect you and, at the same time, of the great benefits that you will obtain by placing your orders with us. Keep reading and don’t miss anything!

What is VIES and how to obtain it

If you want to operate regularly as an intra-Community company, or in other words, if you want to be able to carry out commercial operations between companies and professionals in the EU, you must register in the ROI (Register of Intra-Community Operators).

But what is the famous VIES and how can we obtain it?

VIES is the VAT Information Exchange System. It is actually a search engine whose task is to show whether a company or professional has a valid VAT number to carry out operations within the EU.

Here are some links with instructions on how to obtain the VIES in various European countries:

Advantages of buying Smile Vintage

Below is a list of the advantages you get when you order vintage clothing from Smile Vintage:

  • DUTY FREE shopping
  • Orders ready to ship in 24/48 hours for DHL and UPS lots.
  • Quotes for pallets
  • Choose from our ready-made lots for your shop without leaving your home town.
  • The photos you see represent exactly the items you receive
  • We help you in the purchasing process. Contact by Whatsapp with our customer service staff.
  • First purchase discount of 15% on batches

¡Smile and get a 15% discount!

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