Rockabilly style: What it is and how it came about

Rockabilly style

Let’s take a look back… it’s the early 1950s in the United States. Imagine Summer Nights is playing. Got it? Keep letting your imagination run wild: now think of an outfit, how about blue jeans with turn-up cuffs and a leather jacket? I’m sure you’ll think of a waxed toupee and a lip-sticking passion red.

If you’ve managed to visualise all this… you’re rocking the rockabilly spirit! Even if you don’t know what this term means, it’s pretty clear in practice. In the following, we’re going to talk about this movement that goes far beyond the style of your clothes.

The birth of the rockabilly style

The rockabilly style, as we have already mentioned, was born in the 1950s in the United States. Although it quickly took hold here, it soon spread to the rest of the world, and there was something about it when it still feels like a way of life today!

The movement initially arose from the mixture of two musical styles: rock&roll and hillbilly music (hint: we’re talking about country). Then it spread to create a movement that included the way of dressing, the hairstyles, the make-up, the dances,…

Having said that, we can summarise that the rockabilly style has its own sound and that it managed to be heard in all other aspects of everyday life.

Rebels without a cause

Rebelliousness may be one of the icons of this style. This new culture arose among teenagers (you know, non-conformists, dreamers) who liked to make noise. Their music reflected their interests, their carpe diem and their desire to be free of problems.

The sound was their anthem, but their clothes and their own style was their flag. That is to say, they claimed their rights through what was closest to them. A tight shirt, a lipstick or a fixing gel defined and identified them.

Be that as it may, their rebelliousness has left us a legacy that continues to this day. Their history is still alive and you can be part of it by following their style!

Rockabilly style: we show you how to achieve it

If you like this style and want to know more about it: stay! If you didn’t know it, but you’re dying to know more about it: stay too! In the following lines you will discover:

  • Basic clothes in rockabilly style.
  • Fashionable make-up and hairstyles.
  • Ink, accessories and shoes (yes, we go crazy with the footwear of the time).
  • Precursor artists of the style.

Rockabilly clothes

Blue jeans should be a must in your wardrobe – don’t forget to roll up the sleeves! Checked or plain shirts should always be tucked in. Also, for when it gets cooler, a good leather jacket (synthetic is fine too!). You can also go for waistcoats made of the same fabric.

And there’s room for personalisation with patches or studs – create unique garments!

Hairstyle in the fifties: By the hair!

The rockabilly style also had an impact on the hair. Waves were the main feature of most hairstyles of the time. Both updos and slicked-back hair. The fringe was just another element that could be styled to your liking. Anyone got any curls lying around? It’s urgent!
For short hair, what could be better than a neatly curled toupee? An extra extra extra extra extra strong hairspray and no wind will be able to move a hair. (Tip: at the time they carried a comb in their pocket).

Beards were also a symbol, very abundant; and the moustaches were quite particular.

Style accessories

Following on from the previous point, the hair can be decorated with scarves to match the clothes. Straps and belts with large buckles or wallets with chains can also be used.

Skulls are also very common in this style, and can be used to decorate the skin. Tattoos can illustrate the essence of a style that is more alive than ever. Hearts, diamonds and even the typical pin up girls dressed as sailors are also common.

As for shoes, …., elegance for the feet! Creepers are the best known of the period, with or without a platform, but with their own personality.

Rockabilly sounds like…

Finally, here are a few songs to inspire you and, why not, dance to them in the purest rockabilly style.

  • Move it on Over by Hank Williams: its lyrics and rhythm already anticipated the style.
  • Rip It Up by Bill Haley: who was one of the first creators of this genre.
  • Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins: many considered him the father of rockabilly.
  • That’s all right mama by Elvis Presley: one of the great music icons of the time.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a good #smiler – your style rocks (and you know it)!

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