The music of the 1970s. The disco phenomenon

On the Smile Vintage blog we’ve been on a roll lately, so get ready because we challenge you to a dance duel. Who hasn’t done a disco-style step at some point?

For having been around for a little over 50 years, the 70’s never go out of fashion; the happy, carefree style, which was in search of freedom and peace, are still iconic symbols today and so is its music.

What is disco music?

Disco is a genre of music that combines the styles of soul and funk music most popular in the 1960s to give way to distinctive repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies. These virtues quickly made disco music the genre of choice, which became popular especially on the dance floor.

When did disco become popular?

Disco music began to take off on the musical map in the early 1970s. A bit fed up with the psychedelia, escapism and protest songs of the previous era, there was a desire to enjoy life and leave behind the harsh events that had taken place, such as the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq.

The golden age of disco music took place between 1975 and 1979, with great artists such as Barry White, who is also considered to have transformed the soul and funk genres, paving the way for the heyday of this new trend.

5 Most outstanding disco artists

Each genre has its great exponents and we will surely leave many out; however, there is no denying that listening to these 5 and it is impossible not to be transported to the discotheques of the 70s.

  • Village People. Undoubtedly the icons of the LGTBY movement, probably best known for their popular song YMCA and the colourful costumes of the artists in their music videos.
  • Boney M. Very popular especially in Europe and South America, it is impossible to forget the electric and energetic movements of the main member. We all dance to the sound of Ra-Ra-Rasputin 🎶 or Daddy Cool, true icons that have even been used countless times in films and advertising spots.
  • Bee Gees. The group really knew how to make disco style fashionable and leave no one indifferent to their rhythms. Probably one of their most famous and transcendental songs is Staying Alive, which even appeared in the film starring John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever (1977).
  • Jackson 5. Before their youngest son (Michael Jackson) rose to stardom, the popular family band was one of the benchmarks of popular disco music, with songs such as ABC and I want you back.
  • Blondie. Although it is catalogued more in the rock scene, the American bank also had an influence on disco music, with such famous songs as Heart of glass.

Let’s dance! We hope that as a good #smilier you have rhythm in your veins. We want to see you move your skeleton!

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