Stylish vintage rooms

Stylish vintage room

There are several ways to decorate your living room. There are different styles that can be applied in this type of space. Thanks to its eye-catching character, vintage is one of the most recognised and most used nowadays. Here are 5 ideas for decorating your living room with a wonderful vintage style.

Paint in light colours

The tones of the vintage style par excellence are warm. Cream colours such as mustard yellow, rosewood and sky blue stand out. The tones should always play with the complements, you should not forget it. The basic colours that should be used are the following:

  1. Red: It looks perfect in places like the kitchen as it is a strong colour.
  2. Yellow: It combines very well with purple as it is a soft colour. It is ideal for mixing with geometric tapestries.
  3. Green: Can be used with most colours as it has a wide range of shades.
  4. Blue: Only sky blue is vintage.
  5. Brown: It adapts perfectly to all styles, including vintage. It is recommended to use chocolate or tobacco shades.


Vinyls with designs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are the best alternative for you if you love antique objects but you can’t get one. They will not only set the atmosphere in your living room, but will also act as a vintage object. You can also use stickers of Vespa scooters, vintage Italian vehicles, vintage microphones, dream catchers or a spiral staircase.

You can also use other colours and different patterns for vintage decoration in living rooms. Don’t forget that colours are essential here and therefore, choosing the wrong shade can make your space look less retro than you expected. If you want your room to look modern and vintage, choose colourful patterns or floral prints.

Furniture and accessories

One of the most important elements to have a complete vintage decoration is the furniture and accessories, as it gives a very unique touch. However, not all furniture will do. In fact, in order to be considered vintage, they have specific characteristics. They must have a retro or antique look, but not necessarily be from another era, just have the look. For the most part, the most suitable are dark wood with brass clasps or worn leather suitcases. Here are some additional tips:

  1. Lamps: These should be vintage, they can be chandeliers or pendants with transparent pieces. Because of their simplicity, some have minimalist aspects such as light bulbs with an on/off system.
  2. Chairs and armchairs: Preferably get ones that are suede or velvet. You can also use leather ones. Choose prints, opt for florals or if you prefer light tones.
  3. Long furniture: The best choice are wooden ones with drawers and lots of rustic details. Those with embroidery or detailed decorations are essential.


For the decoration of vintage living rooms, accessories play a very relevant role, since they are the ones that give it that unique and incomparable character. Some objects that you can consider having are:

  1. Antique radio
  2. Small fan
  3. Floral tableware
  4. Stacked suitcases
  5. Wooden boots
  6. Record player
  7. Velvet chairs
  8. Roll camera
  9. Vintage paintings

Long curtains

Although not many people take them into account, an important element for decoration are the curtains. To achieve a vintage style, curtains should be light-coloured, long and made of thick fabric. Also, if you want to give it a romantic and elegant touch, combine them with a transparent veil.

Finally, don’t forget that in order to achieve a stylish vintage room, it is important to choose each piece carefully and thus achieve the desired atmosphere without going overboard.

To achieve a vintage style decoration it is essential to take care of the small details, acquiring furniture and accessories that allow you to build the atmosphere you want.

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