The characteristics of the style of the 1990s

90s style

The 90s are so close and yet so far away. In these years there was a great influence of genres such as rock and rap, as well as series such as Friends or The Fresh Prince.

The style of the ’90s is marked by its comfort and simplicity. In this article we are going to review the most important characteristics of the ’90s style. Interestingly enough, this style is now very much in vogue, as it seems to be making a comeback.

90s fashion

The fashion of the 1990s was characterised by a carefree and simple style, with rap and grunge being the musical genres that set the style of clothing.

– Rap fashion. Hip hop stars were icons of this style, showing loose silhouettes, sporty details and casual fabrics.

– Grunge fashion. Grunge fashion was the end product of an anti-fashion attitude that occurred in the 1990s. In fact, part of its style has already been integrated into current fashions for some years now. Ripped jeans and baggy plaid shirts stand out.

Within the 90’s style, the most outstanding garments were the ones we will discuss below.

Camping denim jeans

Jeans of this era had flared designs, being wide-legged, and giving a loose silhouette.

In addition, denim jackets were predominant, being oversized and frayed. Sleeveless denim overalls were also essential for this decade.

Crop tops

Crop tops were a dominant garment of this decade. Whether they were looser or tighter, these tops that exposed the stomach area were a favourite for women.


In this decade, the miniskirt became a reference, especially following the college style. This style is characterised by wearing a checked mini skirt with high sports socks and a jumper.

In addition, the tight-fitting tube mini-skirts of this era are also a highlight.

Lingerie dresses

As could not be otherwise, the dresses of the 90s were all about comfort and simplicity. With minimalism as a flag, lingerie dresses embraced every curve, being narrow, and usually short, with heights similar to those of mini-skirts.

Of course, they were always accompanied by a T-shirt underneath.

Checked flannel shirts

Plaid shirts are one of the characteristic garments of the grunge style. They were worn by many celebrities of the time, although it was Kurt Cobain who made this shirt fashionable, combining it with white T-shirts and ripped jeans. Simple and comfortable style, as always.

Floral print

Floral prints were the most commonly seen on all types of garments. Floral prints in lighter and brighter colours stood out in daywear, while for evening wear, colours such as black and red were the most popular.

Minimalist footwear

Simplicity and comfort were also reflected in the footwear of the time.

For example, clogs took on that minimalist style, as well as being comfortable. Trainers were also the order of the day, as were long sports socks.

Within the grunge style, it is worth mentioning the use of tough combat boots, both for men and women. They were tough and rough looking, but being single-coloured, they went with any type of clothing.

However, other less comfortable footwear also stood out, such as platform shoes with very high wedges. At this time, the colours were more striking, although some more discreet ones also appeared.

90s accessories

Among the accessories of this period, three stand out:

– Scrunchies. Scrunchies completed many of the outifts of the time and were one of the favourite accessories of the time, both for glamorous and simple looks. The hair could be arranged in buns or a ponytail.

– Chokers. These necklaces gave extra colour to the outfit.

– Round earrings. In addition to being round, the aim was to wear the largest possible earrings, with the largest possible diameter.


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