Vintage fabrics: Find out what they are and why they are trendy

There is a proverb that defines vintage fabrics better than any other: “time puts everything in its place”. Vintage fabrics have always been present in society. Their delicate and conscientious manufacture, together with the quality of the materials used, make these fabrics extremely resistant to the passage of time.

Vintage clothing was made of high quality fabrics. These pieces of clothing were considered to be handmade products that often cost a lot of money. That is why their durability was excellent, especially if we compare it with the most current fabrics of the last 10 years.

Nowadays there is a growing demand for these durable clothes, which is why at Smile Vintage we offer our customers the best wholesale vintage clothing with the highest quality product.

In this article we are going to review what kind of vintage fabrics and textiles we can find, as well as their characteristics. You are about to know why vintage fabrics are back to stay, keep reading and don’t miss anything!

What vintage fabrics and textiles were the most used in the olden days?

Whether you’re a fashion lover or not, you’ve probably wondered what clothes were worn in the olden days. In many cases we have seen photographs of relatives or in museums where we can see different prints, colours and shapes very different from what we usually see nowadays.

Not only vintage clothes, some common items such as curtains or cushions have patterns and prints of the time that have little or nothing to do with the modern designs that are now trendy.

Colours used in vintage fabrics

Vintage fabrics often feature colours that are intended to attract attention. Colours with a visual impact that directed the eye of the person observing them from the first moment.

In different retro exhibitions we can observe shades in clothes and upholstery as striking as: purples, greens, yellows, etc.

More curious motifs present in antique fabrics

The creativity and audacity of the designers of ancient times meant that we could appreciate very careful motifs with special attention to detail. Floral motifs were very common, as well as different animal figures such as birds, insects, reptiles, etc.

As you can see, the designs and prints present in vintage fabrics were very daring and can give you that unique and special touch to your personal style as well as to your decoration.

Most common retro designs

Despite the presence of animals and plants, geometry and straight lines have also been present in many retro fabrics. Squares, diamonds and other geometric shapes have also been used in fabric patterns since the early days of fabric making.

Benefits of using vintage fabrics and textiles

We have already highlighted a few of them, but we don’t want to leave out the different benefits of using retro fabrics both in our clothing and in our home decoration:

– We help to save our planet by reducing greenhouse gases.

– We can save money thanks to the fact that they have a lower cost than more modern fabrics and textiles.

– They bring a unique and creative style to both our appearance and our home.

– The quality of the materials is, in most cases, superior to today’s synthetic fabrics.

As you can see, at Smile Vintage we know the advantages of using vintage fabrics in your day to day life, which is why we are leading distributors of wholesale vintage clothing in Europe, offering quality products that reign in boutiques all over Europe. If you are interested in any of our lots or brands…

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