Vintage Make-up: the Keys to Achieve the desired Retro Look

Vintage make up

The vintage make-up we are referring to is the style of make-up that was used in the 40s and 60s. During this time, two styles stood out: Pin Up and Old Hollywood. In this article we will show you its main characteristics, as well as how to implement it step by step.

Pin up make-up

The Pin up era is characterised by the liberation of women between the 40s and 50s. Women broke the mould of their time, revealing themselves, empowering themselves and preparing to take on the world. Nowadays, vintage pin up make-up shows a daring style that goes hand in hand with today’s feminism.

In fact, this style has been worn by current celebrities such as Madonna and Katy Perry. This aesthetic gives a glamorous, provocative and sensual look. This make-up has the following characteristics:

– Eyeliner eyes

– Very long eyelashes

– Defined eyebrows

– Lips with strong shades

– Lots of blush in natural tones

Steps to achieve Pin up make-up

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when learning how to apply make-up in this distinctive style.

1. Face preparation. Porcelain skin

To do this, the face must be thoroughly cleansed, leaving it fresh, and with the possibility of adequate hydration.

Then add foundation, which should be a shade lower than the one you usually use, as paler colours predominated at this time. The foundation should make the skin look fresh and clean, so avoid heavy or clumpy foundations.

You can create highlights by applying the powder to the edges of the lips, sides of the nose and chin. In case you need them, you will need to apply some concealer for possible blemishes among others.

The main purpose of all this preparation is to highlight the eyes and lips, resulting in a delicate and radiant skin.

2. Rosy cheeks

Rosy cheeks are very characteristic of the pin up movement, and the result is more defined cheekbones that give vitality to the look.

To achieve this effect you can use peach and soft pink blusher or blush, placing it on the cheekbones and blending from the inside towards the ear.

3. Dazzling eyes

The eyes are one of the most prominent elements of the pin up style.

To do this, apply light-toned base shadows all over the eye, including under the eyebrows. But don’t use too much, the important thing is to blend it very well.

On the eyelid we can add a matte shadow that is similar to our skin tone. In addition, we mark the socket of our eyes to give it the frame for the cat eye, which has a very marked eye-liner, with the cat’s tail protruding from the outside of the eye.

4. XXL Lashes

We can also achieve XXL lashes with a curler to define them and a mascara that can be layered twice, with a minute in between, on clean, dry lashes.

That said, you can also use false lashes for added impact.

5. Lips of passion

Lips are another focal point for the pin up style. In this case you can use red or pink shades. To complement and add volume, you can also use a gloss lipstick.

Old Hollywood make-up

The Old Hollywood make-up style attempts to replicate the signature style of actresses and entertainers of the 1950s and 1960s.

Its style is very similar to the Pin up style, but it goes beyond make-up, as the hair plays an elementary role in this look. The Old Hollywood style has two points to differentiate it from the Pin up style:

– The hairstyle. As we have already mentioned, the hair is fundamental in this style, and it is characterised by its undulation, by the use of side waves in the hair. It is generally tied back.

– The lips. In this style they are the main protagonists, and only red is used.

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