Vintage style: five keys for decorating your home

Vintage Style

Would you like to decorate your home with vintage style? You’ll love this post! We tell you how you can turn your home into a space worthy of being featured in the best magazines. Your guests will never want to leave!

To begin with, it is essential to know that the vintage style is characterized by using items from past eras. Therefore, we can create different spaces using inspiration from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s,…you choose!

In addition, to obtain the furniture and decorative elements you can resort to different points: vintage markets, specialized stores and even a family member who no longer wants an item because it is outdated.

It is not only about decorating our home, it is also a way to give new life to items that other people do not need. This is crucial to reduce the impact we have on the environment and promote sustainable development.

It’s great, isn’t it?

Key elements in vintage style decorating

Next, we are going to introduce you to some characteristic elements of vintage style, from colors to shapes or fabrics. You can take note of them and adapt them to the room you want to decorate. Let’s get started!

Chromatic range

The vintage style is characterized by using a discreet color palette. For example, gray, beige, light pink, pale lilac, … This type of decoration gives rise to create elegant and romantic rooms always with an antique touch.

This chromatic range can be applied to the fabrics, the painting of the walls or the different furniture. Of course, always with a harmony that generates a room where you feel comfortable.


In relation to the colors, we find the question of prints. In the vintage style they are essential. We especially like them when we highlight a wall with a wallpaper that gives a personal touch to the room.

However, you can include them in curtains, sofas, armchairs, table linens, carpets, … you set the limits. But be careful with excesses because they can load the room and generate the opposite effect to the desired one.

Natural materials

By this we mean wood, wrought iron or stone, for example. These are the materials that were most used in the past and will bring us back to those days. Therefore, keep them in mind when choosing your furniture and accessories.

Perhaps a wooden table with wrought iron legs or combine the dining room chairs in different types of wood. Imagination to the power!


A typewriter or an antique camera can add the finishing touch to a room, but mirrors are IM-PRES-CIN-DI-BLES. Plus, you can put them in every room. Yes, even in the kitchen. Any place is perfect to include them in your decor.

You can also combine several to create a more personal option. Of course, they can have square, rectangular, oval shapes,…


Natural, dried or plastic, but do not forget them in your vintage style decoration. You can put them on the bedside tables, in the dining room or on the side table. Combine them with the colors you have chosen for the room and give it a perfect finishing touch.

Get the balance within the vintage style decoration

These are some of the guidelines that will make you get a vintage style, however, it is not essential that you only use old elements. Combining the old with the new can be great for a room.

The most important thing is to find the balance and not overload the spaces, you must always keep in mind what we try to convey and its function.

On the other hand, to get vintage items we advise you to visit vintage markets. In our blog you can see our top 5 in Spain.

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