Vintage weddings: Learn about the main decades and their characteristics

Bride in a vintage wedding

Vintage weddings offer the bride and groom a wedding celebration with a vintage flavor. If you intend to make your wedding vintage style you should know that the decades of these links are usually located between the 1920s and 1950s.

Vintage weddings are in fashion because they allow both the bride and groom and the attendees to experience an extraordinary and unique wedding that leaves plenty of room for romanticism and magic.

However, there is always a doubt about which decade is the ideal one to approach the wedding. In this article we are going to indicate the particularities and differences of each of them. Don’t miss it!

Vintage wedding in the 20s and 30s

The decades of the 20s and 30s are by far the most common choice by couples. The 20s and 30s can be very similar, although they have some differences. However, silk and lace are often used extensively in both decades, providing a very representative vintage look.

Vintage wedding in the 1920s

The 1920s are characterized by glamour and exclusivity. Pearl necklaces, feathers and tiaras are elements widely used among those attending this type of wedding.

Brides usually wear a “casual” look, displaying a dress with delicate lace and a wavy hairstyle characteristic of the era.

For his part, the groom usually wears a plaid suit, combined with suspenders, vest, bow tie and beret to match the shapes of the suit.

An antique castle is an ideal location to give exclusivity to the wedding. The use of fine silver cutlery, crocheted tablecloths, vintage furniture and decorative accessories of the period create an atmosphere that evokes a lot of romanticism. Music from the 1920s can include touches of jazz.

Vintage wedding in the 1930s

The 1930s are often similar to the previous decade. However, when it comes to a wedding in the 1930s, we can indicate that they are usually more romantic and quiet links.

Both the bride’s dress and the groom’s dress have the characteristics of the 20’s, which we mentioned above. In addition, they tend to be weddings in which much attention is paid to details.

In reference to the location, a rustic barn could be a perfect location for the development of a wedding with a 1930s theme.

Vintage 1940’s Wedding

The 1940s were not an easy time: war, destruction and a difficult economic situation overshadowed much of Europe. Despite everything, the 1940s offered an unforgettable fashion vision, because people wanted to show off their style again.

Wedding dresses of this era are characterized by silk and lace.

The groom also shines with a mix of elegance and simplicity. A simple suit with suspenders and a bow tie should not be missing.

If you want a wedding in the style of the 40’s, a classic car should not be missing, they are ideal!

Vintage wedding in the 50’s

The 50s are characterized by exuberance and American Rock and Roll. The fashion of the 50s is young, which is also reflected in the wedding dress. The typical wedding dress of the 50s is short, fitted and held in a Rockabilly style. In addition to the white dress, shoes and lips can include very bright colors. The limit is the imagination!

The groom is still casual compared to other eras. Although he sometimes wears a suit or tuxedo, suspenders, a bow tie, tie or even a casual hat.

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