What is preloved?

The concept preloved refers to when an object, clothing, or any item is not new, that is, it has been used previously or is second hand, but it is in perfect condition (little used), it is of good quality – even top brands – and it is also offered for sale with a super price.

Vintage and preloved go hand in hand. When we talk about vintage clothing, we don’t just mean any old used garment, we mean reviving authentic, quality fashion that was once the latest trend and icon of the eras we love.

Benefits of donating and buying quality second-hand clothes

Sometimes you have to believe in second chances; by buying or donating secondhand clothes you not only give the clothes a second life, but you contribute and benefit from multiple advantages that you might not have expected.

Top 5 advantages of loving preloved:

  • It’s for everyone. The world of vintage and second-hand clothing doesn’t understand pockets or styles, anyone can get attached to it.
  • You contribute to put an end to fast fashion. We know that some big brands – but not all of them – are not yet aware of their social responsibility and manufacture their products at the cost of exploitation or damage to the environment. By buying second-hand clothes you fight against these practices.
  • It is sustainable. Vintage fashion loves the environment; by buying second-hand clothes you contribute to reducing the size of landfills, fighting deforestation and saving water, and reducing pollution from toxic substances such as dyes used in clothing.
  • You help to revive the local economy. By consuming local products, goods and services, you help local businesses in your town to invest more and create a chain effect.
  • You wear unique clothes. You’ve always known that you’ve got a vintage rebel in your veins who doesn’t go along with the must-haves that brands impose. Define your authentic style or add some accessories that stand out with your look, all eyes will be on you!

7 keys to buying second-hand clothes with success

Buying second-hand clothes can sometimes be a little frustrating; either because we can’t find what we want or because we don’t really know what we’re buying.

At Smile Vintage we know you appreciate the good stuff and we love that you love a challenge, so here’s a quick 7 step guide with tips on how to buy quality pre-loved fashion or vintage second hand clothes without dying in the attempt.

  1. Don’t look for anything specific, let it surprise you. Take your time to look around, sometimes you might find things you weren’t expecting and you might miss out on if you get obsessed with looking for a specific item.
  2. Don’t make saving money your priority. Before looking at the price, appreciate what you are buying. It is likely that the expectation of buying cheap second-hand clothes will not be fulfilled, since we can find handmade fabrics, with top quality fabrics, finishes and trimmings that are not manufactured today.
  3. Learn to assess wear and tear. The armpits, cuffs and collar are the areas that wear out the fastest and can give you a clue as to how worn the garment is.
  4. Read the label. It’s not silly to look at the fabric composition before you buy a garment. This can give you a clue as to whether it will last longer in your wardrobe, and will help you know how to wash and store the garment so you can love it for longer.
  5. Be patient, don’t let the chaos overwhelm you. Flea markets and second-hand clothes shops often display clothes in piles or on bulky hangers. This can give the impression that nothing is worth buying when it’s not, so you have to learn to search like a true treasure hunter. One trick is to go for prints that catch your eye.
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy clothes with stains. Although stains can be a real frustration, stained clothes can be recovered, not only by washing them, but also by patching them, taking inspiration from the patchwork clothing style, or even with different shades of dyeing.
  7. Arm yourself with patience. If you are going into the world of bargains it’s best to take it slow and treat it as more of a leisure activity; otherwise you may get overwhelmed or even get a bit sick of it and think that this second hand concept is not for you. It would be a shame to miss out on some real treasures!

As a true vintage enthusiast, we hope that we have inspired you to go out and have fun in search of vintage treasures!

And you, do you dare to love them again?

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