How is Vintage Clothing: Reasons to buy and dress with this style

man buying vintage clothes

We humans love flea markets, vintage and antiques. It will be our love for history (more or less recent), it will be curiosity, it will be the desire to always have something unique, we don’t know exactly!

The fact is, today we are talking about what vintage clothing is like that never goes out of style. Especially because it represents a set of trends that have marked an era and that come back into fashion, cyclically, giving a characteristic touch to our looks.

Thinking about what vintage clothing is like, in general, means referring to pieces that do not go unnoticed, not because they are flashy or exaggerated, but because of something more important: they remind us of an unforgettable woman (be it our grandmother, our mother, or a celebrity of some kind).

There are plenty of reasons to buy and dress in this style, however, in this post we want to specify some of them and specify what vintage clothing is like.

We tell you what Vintage Clothing is like

Looking through old family photos, have you ever come across a grandmother sporting a beautiful 1950s hat? Did you think that that little black dress she wore would be enough for you to acquire at least a hint of her charm or elegance? If you answered yes to only one of these questions, then you too are a lover of vintage fashion.

Wearing a vintage garment always arouses pleasant emotions. Many of us love things that have souls, and they tell us a lot about who came before us. It is not very difficult, in fact, to imagine everything about these people: how they did their hair, what shoes and bags they wore, what their dreams and desires were.

Vintage clothing, so characterized by shape and model, gives us the dimension of how what we wear conditions, in a certain sense, our way of moving in the world. However, what vintage clothing is like implies specifying characteristics that distinguish it. Let’s see them next:

  • Age: Must be at least a decade old, preferably two and up. You can go back in time to the 1920s. Before this date we talked about antiques.
  • Quality: The vintage piece has to be a well-made garment. In fact, it must have passed through the years intact and reached us in good condition.
  • Period: The vintage style marked the way of dressing in a specific historical moment, so it knows how to bring back a way of being and, ultimately, it has a story to tell.
  • Brand: Has a major designer produced a limited edition garment or accessory that has since become a cult item? Has any bag made history? Without a doubt, you are facing a vintage garment.

Reasons to buy and dress in that style

Some are looking to buy and wear vintage clothing or accessories, such as bags, jewelry, hats, and shoes. But why wear a vintage garment or combine your outfit with an accessory from the past? Well, for three main reasons:

  • The quality. In gender equality, whether it is a dress for special occasions or for every day, the quality of a vintage dress is decidedly superior. The fabric is definitely better and the finishes too.
  • The singularity. Unless you have a dress designed by you, or you don’t spend those hundred thousand euros on a haute couture dress, there is no amount that guarantees that the dress you bought for several thousand euros does not also have another person in the world . What is the problem? For many people it is not acceptable to get an expensive dress, if others are also going to have it, and even less if what they are looking for, among other things, is originality.
  • Also suitable for unconventional bodies. Those who do not fit into modern styles often find a treasure in vintage. Women who do not have a figure that aligns with beauty stereotypes will have the opportunity to wear clothes that fit them, without having to go through touch-ups that sometimes go as far as disassembling and rebuilding a garment.


It’s true, vintage isn’t for everyone. Above all because it requires the desire to go further, to want to impose one’s own style and to flee from the prevailing homogenization. So it requires a totally independent vision of beauty and elegance.

Now that you know what vintage clothing looks like, however, you might want to experiment a bit and slowly familiarize yourself with this style. Our advice is to start with the purchase of some accessories such as a bag or earrings. In this way, you will give a new aura to your look.

You can also rummage through your grandmother’s or mother’s trunk, you will surely find real treasures. Perhaps starting to wear clothes that belonged to people close to you will help you overcome the initial resistance. Of course, combine them without fear and avoid the looks that are more suitable for a theme party than for a daily outfit.

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