The best Retro Vintage Sweatshirts

The best Retro Vintage Sweatshirts

Fashion today tells us stories of yesteryear through vintage style. It is a new way of conceiving buying vintage clothing from the past, whose clothing is not precisely designed to be part of new collections, but to exalt an authentic rediscovery of the pleasure of dressing and parading what once was. One of the articles of clothing that, par excellence, pays tribute to our ancestors are retro-vintage sweatshirts.

We are talking about an accessory that, in addition to telling us a story from past decades, represents a new way of conceiving sustainable fashion made of beautiful and durable garments.

The fact is that vintage retro sweatshirts have become very fashionable in recent times. Especially since they allow us to create original looks in an elegant and current version, obtaining unusual and chic combinations. They are, in fact, perfect for halftime and summer afternoons when sudden weather changes occur.

We believe, however, that choosing the right models is what will really allow you to get the most out of these garments. For this reason, at Ropa Vintage Kilos we want to present you with a selection of the best vintage retro sweatshirts.

We tell you which are the best Retro Vintage sweatshirts

Comfortable, easy to combine and always in vintage fashion, sweatshirts are really nice and useful clothing that, just like shirts, should find a place in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Especially since they are comfortable and cool

The sweatshirts became famous in the 80s, when they became the object of desire of millions of people, then they were reviewed and transformed by stylists. Today, however, we can get models that remain true to the style of the 80’s and 90’s.

Let’s see below the best vintage retro sweatshirts available in our online store:

Vintage Plain Sweatshirts

The plain vintage sweatshirt is dedicated to lovers of clean design. Color and warmth are its main characteristics, in addition, it is available in various colors and the material used to make it amplifies the feeling of warmth and comfort.

This sweatshirt embodies a minimalist style that is perfect for facing the middle of the season. Minimal and non-trivial, it fits perfectly with your style.

Brand Hoodie

When it comes to the best vintage retro sweatshirts, brand name hoodies will always come into the conversation. It is even the garment par excellence for lovers of the genre. “Hoodie” is the American term that derives from “Hood” and that serves to identify these models that have become a fashion icon.

The large front pocket has become the must-have for hoodie purists. Choose from the models in our range and make this garment unique and bring authenticity to your outfit.

Sweatshirt with Zip and Hood

In those cases where the hoodie is not enough for you, the “zoodie” can definitely represent a great success. And it is that the hoodie evolved into a model with a zipper and a hood.

With a different style and the same comfort, the zipper increases the versatility of this garment that is available for both men and women, to wear on any occasion or simply create the informal look you were looking for.

90s style sweatshirt

For those who display a street attitude and love the 90’s style, this is one of the best retro vintage sweatshirts, in fact, it is one of the most loved models for people who love to wear more urban styles.

This accessory, without a doubt, is ideal to give free rein to your creative style, in addition, it leaves room to create truly authentic looks.

How to Chic a Retro Sweatshirt: Tips for Men and Women

A symbol of casual clothing for both men and women, the vintage sweatshirt has become an infallible to wear on many occasions. Here we show you how to combine it and turn this garment into a chic accessory:


  • If we have a lot of chest, we should avoid wearing long sweatshirts and hoodies, especially because they make us clumsy, boxy and take away our femininity.
  • Short sweatshirts, on the other hand, stylize the figure and lengthen the legs. Let’s wear this garment with a fitted bottom and high-waisted pants so as not to be left with a bare stomach.
  • Long hair is beautiful, but loose hair ruins the fit of a hoodie. So we are going to collect them with a high ponytail or a bow and instead of a choker we prefer some beautiful earrings, large but with a minimalist design.
  • Being a passepartout garment (to wear with skirts or pants) we learn to live and see them in another way. Let’s imagine it as if they were a sweater. Inside denim or mom jeans, for example, they are perfect.


  • The classic crew neck sweatshirt in neutral colors is ideal with a button down shirt and lava cuffed trousers.
  • If, on the other hand, you love denim, choose a sweatshirt with a used effect, to wear with jeans and trainers.
  • Have you fallen in love with the hoodie? Then create an ad hoc outfit by pairing it with skinny jeans, a blazer or a puffer jacket.
  • Men who want to be more daring can opt for sweatshirts with pop-art prints, which surprise with dark jeans, but also with more elegant clothes.


As we have seen, the Retro Vintage Sweatshirts stand out as an excellent bet not only for free time and to make a casual outfit. Those who even want to feel more elegant cannot do without these items of clothing.

Therefore, we can say that vintage retro style sweatshirts go well with a variety of occasions.

However, this fashion is also a way of dressing in an ecological way, in fact, the concept of reusing what has been, turns these garments into a more creative and special accessory.

The credit goes to our emerging designers who share this idea of ​​not wasting, reworking old pieces and old fabrics. Vintage sweatshirts, in short, are making their way into the Olympus of the most sought after and requested accessories in the fashion system.

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